Display Screen Equipment Assessments

The majority of occupations in the UK now use personal computers in order to complete their work activities. The general, legal duty of care, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, is to assess any risks involved with ALL display screen equipment (DSE). Work and workstations must be assessed as well as any risks found to be adequately controlled.

It must be made aware that the risk of harm to an individual/worker carrying out typical display screen work is low. However, some of the possible effects may include musculoskeletal problems, visual fatigue and mental stress. These problems can be reduced to a negligible level by the application of good ergonomic principles to the design of the workstation and the job.

Items such as the computer, mouse, keyboard, printer, furniture, telephone or the surrounding work environment in addition to the display screen equipment itself is what is classed as the ‘workstation’.

M.E.L. can perform individual DSE assessments at your company premises in order to ensure that the workstation of each employee is assembled in order to avoid being harmful towards a person’s health.  We will also provide guidance in regard to any health problems of which the user has/may have acquired due to the inadequate set-up of their work station. A professional recommendation will then be issued based on the evidence available.

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