Covid-19 Compliance Audit and Risk Assessment

Establishing a Covid-secure workplace that meets government guidelines can be daunting, so we have
developed a Covid Compliance Audit and Risk Assessment service to help.


How do I make my workplace Covid-secure?

Covid-19 is a biological hazard. Like any other workplace hazard,  you need to implement appropriate control measures to reduce the risk of infection. Normally, the goal is to eliminate hazards,  but unlike a faulty piece of equipment, the virus cannot simply be removed. Instead, the aim is to introduce suitable and sufficient control measures to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.


Completing a Covid risk assessment

The government’s latest safe working guidance outlines what controls are appropriate and how to implement them. You will need to complete a risk assessment for each type of workplace that you operate – e.g. office, warehouse, vehicle fleet etc.


Considerations when undertaking your Covid risk assessment

  • Do you have vulnerable employees or potential visitors?
  • How can you ensure a two-metre gap is maintained between individual employees and customers?
  • If 2 metres cannot be maintained, what other control measures are required?
  • Do you need to install screens in public-facing areas?
  • How can you better organise seating areas?
  • Have you put provisions in place for office, delivery and eating areas?
  • Are adequate handwashing facilities in place?? If these aren’t available, consider providing hand sanitiser.
  • Are disposable tissues available to reduce the threat of transmission?
  • How will you deal with suspected symptoms or a confirmed Covid case?
  • How are you going to ensure testing is completed?
  • Is there a plan in place to regularly disinfect high traffic areas and hand-contact points?
  • Can you display education pieces, such as a symptoms chart and handwashing guidance, throughout the workplace to raise awareness and promote safe practices?
  • How do you plan to monitor employees’ health and ensure you remain up to date with the latest guidance?
  • Are contractors and visitors managed appropriately? Potential control measures may include only allowing essential work to take place, providing handwashing facilities and ensuring social distancing is maintained.
  • What personal protective equipment, if any, is needed? Employees should be allowed to wear face coverings, along as it does not affect other PPE use and therefore put them at increased risk.


How can you be sure you’ve got it right? That’s where we can help

We will work with you to implement and monitor control measures that are appropriate and proportionate for your business.

One of our auditors will visit your premises to undertake an independent, third party evaluation to
ensure that your organisation is following current government guidance.

We will provide an electronic report detailing areas of non-compliance and advise on the actions
required to close them out. In most cases there is no need for the auditor to return to your premises.
You can submit photographic evidence by email. We will issue your Covid-19 compliance certificate upon confirmation that non-conformities have been resolved.


Haven’t got a Covid Risk Assessment? We can help with that too

The M.E.L. (Health & Safety) team can complete a risk assessment at your premises.

We will examine your workplace to identify areas that give rise to significant risk of Covid transmittal, and advise on the control measures that will help reduce the risk of transmittal. We will then issue a written risk assessment to you.


Still not sure what to do?

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