King’s Cross Station

Client : Seele

Following major redevelopment and expansion the new western concourse alongside Kings Cross Station has been covered by a freestanding shell roof structure spanning almost 9000m². In addition to satisfying normal structural criteria this complex project had to be built in accordance with strict bomb-blast requirements in order to preserve the well-being of those frequenting the station in the event of an explosion.

Assisted throughout by our expert safety consultants, Seele constructed this vast steel and glass structure in under twelve months; a remarkable feat given that the works had to be undertaken directly above the extremely active Underground station. Some 1200T of steel were transported onto the site and mounted onto the central “funnel” and tree columns, the radial beams and intermediate diagonals forming the shallow curving lattice below had to be positioned and fixed with the utmost regard for third-party safety at all times.

M.E.L. provided invaluable expertise in minimising risk to members of the public whilst also imparting more specialist information regarding lifting procedures and welding precautions.

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