Method Statement

Method statements are extremely important when it comes to the health and safety of projects, particularly in the construction industry. These documents are used alongside risk assessment to make sure certain high-risk tasks and activities involved in a project are safe. But what is a method statement and why is it important?

Method statements are documents that detail exactly how to carry out work safely.  When it comes to ensuring construction site health and safety, method statements are key.

The purpose of method statements is to describe the safety precautions to put in place to control risks identified in the risk assessment. They detail the equipment to use during projects as well as the control measures and PPE required to keep workers and other safe while tasks are ongoing.

Each task is broken down into steps, and the method statement assesses the hazards involved in each step before describing exactly how to control hazards and mitigate risks.

The statement should also cover the hazards associated with by-products of tasks and activities. For example, if any waste is produced, the document needs to cover how to dispose of that waste safely.

It will also include more general information, such as the sequence of planned work, management responsibilities and emergency procedures.

A method statement is a document that details how work is going to be carried out safely. The construction industry often demands that contractors produce a detailed method statement before carrying out any work to accompany risk assessments.

General risk assessments are required by law – Management of Health and Safety at Work (Amendment) Regulations 2006 but Contractors have a duty to ensure the safety of their sites in accordance with the CDM Regulations and therefore, many require a higher tier of documentation which may include detailed method statements.

Our health and safety consultants are highly experienced in managing safety across the majority of construction activities and can provide advice and guidance on developing suitable method statements for your work on your behalf.

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